International Vehicle Appraisers Network (I-VAN)


Have you, or someone you know, ever purchased a used car having been assured by the seller that it had never been in an accident; only to find out later that it had been? Did you discover flood damage? Was the car repossessed? Was it a lemon-law manufacturer buy-back? If the seller knew that the vehicle had prior history that would negatively affect the vehicle's value and misrepresented this in order to sell the vehicle then this may be FRAUD!

Did you buy a vehicle “sight unseen” or over the internet and, when you received it, believe that you have been cheated? Was the vehicle advertised as something it was not? Many a “clone” has been passed off as an original.

The courts frown on fraud and you could collect a substantial amount of money if fraud is proven or your claim is settled before a jury trial.

An I-VAN Appraisal will substantiate the prior damage or misrepresentation of the vehicle and determine the amount that you overpaid for the vehicle: the amount that you were defrauded. Without the appraisal you have no financial basis for your claim.

Substandard Restoration*

Did you pay for a prize-winning restoration only to find that the only prize you will win is the “booby prize”? Does the paint come off in the rain? Is the chrome peeling three months later? Our appraisal can help build your case.

Expert Witness*

I-VAN appraisers are accepted by courts as expert witnesses.

*note: Not all I-VAN appraisers are certified to do diminished value or lemon law appraisals. Find an appraiser in your area.